The Second Eye

Episode 2

The Rescue

Early in the morning, Aku leaves the party to go and re-join the army. The party wake to the smell of bread baking and Diesa asks them down to breakfast. She wants details of the goings on to gossip with her friends about. They quiet her and decide to rescue Zathras by ambushing Thssokar and his lizardfolk as they coome to the meeting, which was set to be at The Tumbleton House later in the day. The als find a Monk called Master Ten-dl staying with Diesa, and they convince him to join their cause.

They locate a fisherman called Denzenai down by the bridge and he tells them the best way to find the lizardfolk settlement.. He also agrees to take them downriver in his boat (past a number of crocodiles). The party maintain stealth to a point but the boat is noticed by a couple of lizardfolk who disappear into the undergrowth and water.

The gang make land at the most obvious place where the water and land routes back to Shneedle intersect. They are soon accosted by a roving war party of lizardfolk seeming dispatched to find them, and their attempt at surprise is ruined by a lizardfolk who followed them in the water.

A fight commences…

  • Ten’dl catches a javelin and throws it back at his attacker!
  • Ethia casts moonbeam, grabs a lizardman in giant toad form and bites and beams him to death.

The party now lay a trap for the lizardfolk party they assume will be along later transporting Zathras. With much help from Ara, they construct a net and arrange for it to fall on several of the enemy. They lie in wait, ignoring a couple of lizardmen who come through ahead. Kiero also has to ignore a nest of lizards attempting to bite him as he squats in a bush. Ara triggers the trap at the right time, dropping the net on 2 lizard guards, though Thssokar eludes it.

During the fight…

  • Kiero in steaming armour swings his axe nonchalantly killing Thssokar.
  • Ara Guiding Bolts a hole in the final fleeing lizardman’s chest!

The party fly/swm back to Shneedle, warn Denzenai about the upset they’ve casued (and buy some fish). They then pack their gear and do some more repairs on their Red Dragon Mech.

They fly away after telling Old Mrs Tumbleton to warn the town guards about the potential lizardfolk threat. As they leave a sharp eyed Ethia spots several dark figures down at the Old Keep (at the place they found The Second Eye) and they seem to be looking for something.

The dragon flies off towards Daggerford unseen…

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