The Second Eye

Episode 3

A wizard's request...

The party land and hide their Red Dragon outside Daggerford leaving it camouflaged with Zathras looking after it.

Once in Daggerford they ask around and visit the River Shining Tavern.

The proprietor Orotakor Ironbeard directs them to Faquilar Teracious. Ara and Ethia also notice a mysterious figure in the bar – a female Githzerai.

Faquilar Teracious enters the bar and the party are directed to him… After they buy him a drink, he is helpful but dismisses the eye as a mere myth.

His daughter Miaendra arrives and is concerned that her betrothed Eldaron hasn’t come back on time from an expedition to investigate some local trouble with people disappearing from the trade road.

The party agree to find him in return for the aid of Faquilar and they hire some horses and head out North onto the trade road.

On arriving near the right place they hear a scream and rush to investigate…

Master Ten-dl rushes ahead through some trees and finds a trench with a swamp in it containing 2 dead guards and Eldaron. The opposite cliff has three Harpies on it.

Kiero locks down one Harpy but it charms him back. Thus he and Ara are unable to contribute much in the ensuing melee as their ranged attacks keep missing due to the intense fighting below.

Ethia turns into a giant toad and ends up eating a Harpy whole whilst Ten-dl destroys another with staff/spear and feet despite taking some serious damage from it.

Eldaron is badly wounded during the fight but the party manage to distract the enemy and save his life. Kiero then restores his health fully.

The party return to Daggerford with Eldaron and a captured Harpy (who is dispatched at the gate by a guard).

Eldaron leads the party to his fiancĂ©’s home and they are reunited. Faquilar makes good on his promise. He tells them he has an old ranger friend named Benos who can help with a map and he knows of a knowledgeable Druid called Tristra who might know how to destroy the eye. He identifies the artifact as having great power and the container as being expensive and beautifully crafted by the Drow. The box is lead lined to try to prevent scrying. He’s frightened by this and asks the party to leave immediately.

They manage to convince Faquilar to lead them to Benos and ask for a map of the route to Heartsvale which he provides.

The party are now heading for the Druid lady Tristra who they’ve been warned to be wary of.

Ara notices a shadowy figure in the streets again, the Githzerai fron earlier.

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