The Second Eye

Episode 9


Meet mad druid called Oscar (was a butterfly), has some history with centaurs. the centaurs trade their favour with him over to the party.

Oscar advises against travelling to Heartsvale, but does send them their upon request. He advises they’ll be inside the perimeter and may not be able to leave.

He opens a way though a tree and the party travels to the outskirts of Heartsvale. They see some fields with a few men working. As night starts to fall, they hide and watch a man ride out to admonish the workers.

Meet Rowan, mistrustful, not that helpful but suggests John Weatflow, gives cloaks. Tendi staff left behind?

Find a cart, Ethia Donkey, Knobby fix cart. head into town.

Encounter Zombie giant etc. Ethia tries to head on through and Tendi attacks!

Manage to kill enemies and get away and find Jonhs house. narie sowns against the undead witht he mace of disruption.

Meet John and L

He tells of local politics, Relics of Useils, and of Charles Drake, the man on the horse. Muriel knows abou Vane, he’ll set up a meet.

They go out to meet Muriel at the Prancing Dragon. L runs the bar. Knobby watches from afar.

Muriel tells that early afternoon Van is in her office at window.

The party decide to attack and interrogate her. They create an execute a brilliant plan. Knobby sniper spots the illisuon, Ethia gets past the bars/window as an ant. Naeris misty steps inside and Tendi Shadow steps inside and casts silence. Vane is quickly overpowered and hands tied. The interrogate her but she doesn’t give up much and seems to be lying. She tries to influence Tendi twice but he shakes it off and Knobby decides to end her. She also manages to yell for help. As shots rain in on her two vamps rush in to help, but their efforts are in “vain”. Teni now has the staff. Ethia turns war horse and Naeris disengages and jumps on. Tendi shadow steps out again. as EWthia charges tw window and bounces off back toward the vamps. Minotars and skels head Knobbys way and he starts to run. Naris misty steps out again leaving Ethia alone, she blasts the windows with a tidal wave doing enough damage to bend the bars just the amount required for ehr to squeze through in human form. They leg it but the Minotarus follow. After a dangerous battle they finally fell them both and manage to elude pursuit.

John arranges for them to Meet rowan at old church to talk about drake and Drabek, they use the catacombs to get there from udet rhe bed in his house., another locked passage leads elsewhere. The passage laads to a hidden armoury built into a flase wall at the church. Cas#nslesitck ont he alter opens it.

They head up the tower at the church as two skels and a dog approach. The party kills one skel and a dog above the bell tower using the silence spell to cover their traks. Rowna find them and reveals he took out the other skel.

He teels them about drak and arranges to meet hem later to tka them to j#his house. Meanwhile they stay at an old wine cella below an abandoned tavern as seraches are happeing about the town.

Party lead by rown go to drkaes house and hide, he rolls home drunck and passed out on Ethai snake. They overpower him and interrogate him. The tells about drabeks house. Rown kills him.

on way to drak#bked h#they see crimson in a “tank” leadingsjkesls on house toh house esearches.

They assault drabeks house at breakfast, sneaking onto the roof in a storm and dropping in from the second strey. Silence and bad news to subdue gaurds on roof.

Kknbooy kills all the guards as the rest (manily tendi) work on dran#bek. Later Ethia holds him as a snake as Naries helps deal with more of the many guards.

Despite his haste and healing potion, drabek is eventually defeatded and they question him and fiund out about the temple under the town being built by the countess.

After completing the interrogstion. (findind out about castle plan and possible workshop) they kill drakbek and hed back to hjohns.

John an L are exicted word is being out out to weait for a signlal of writing in the sk to attack.

Now debating going after crimson or hitting the castle



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