Damien Quaroth


A dark haired weasely sort of fellow.


A sneaky tricky human who grew up in Dawsbury. As a child he was a good friend of Zathras. Well known for getting into lots of trouble and always having some scam or other on the go, Damien was though to have died a heroic death at the hands of a dragon which had been terrorising the town.
However a party of adventurers later determined not only that he was still alive and well, but that he was behind the dragon attacks in the first place. He used Zathras to help him fix up an ancient gnome built Red Dragon Mech that he found in an old partially collapsed dungeon. This terrifying contraption was then used to scare the townsfolk into giving his organisation all the chocolate that the town was famous for producing. He then sold it on in Waterdeep as if from the town as normal. The party was able to stop him and now own the Red Dragon Mech themselves, with Zathras now sworn to help them in their adventures.

Damien Quaroth

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