Red Dragon Mech

A Gnome built Red Dragon Mech...


A rather temperamental creation of wood and iron covered with red dragon scales. Built to resemble a Young Red Dragon and capable of flight and awesome destruction. It can carry up to 6 medium sized creatures inside its structure.

It no longer has a breath weapon as this was destroyed beyond even Zathras’s ability to fix in a dragon fight above Dawsbury.

It is controlled by 4 stations across two benches.

The stations are for:

  • Walking
  • Flying
  • Clawing
  • Biting

Originally built by gnomes ages ago to guard a dungeon under Mt. Blackburn at the north end of the Arkala Plain near Dawsbury. Though much of this creation is beyond the ken of Zathras, he is able to effect some running repairs.

Red Dragon Mech

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