The Second Eye

Episode 6

The trap is sprung.

As six sturges suddenly rain down from the ceiling, the party suffer a number of injuries but quickly destroy the beasts including a couple more hiding up in a corner.

They spend some time investigating the alter and find what looks to be the secret passageway entrance. They also find a draft coming from the alter itself and on further examination determine that it opens. Once open they hear a moan from down the now revealed stairs. The party decide to re-close the alter and consider leaving the dungeon to rest up and heal their many injuries.

Just then, they hear the sounds of a fight breaking out from down the passageway!

After checking that no one’s been this way in a while they move on through the tunnel and come out in a subterranean store room. They move North toward the noise and open a door onto three lesser vampires, 2 male, 1 female all injured to some degree. They’re next to a big heavy door and booming sounds of heavy blows echo from within! It seems the trap has already been sprung.

The party immediately engage the vampires with the exception of Ethia, who hears something behind them in the tunnel and turns into a bear to go and deal with a Ghoul which is sneaking up behind them having come up out of the alter and followed them.

After the Ghouls is dealt with Ethia surprises Matilda coming through from another room, scattering boxes over the whole store room and then jumping in her back, however she finds it difficult to do enough damage to counter Matilda’s natural regenerative abilities. Another lesser vampire also joins the fray.

The fight continues outside with Ara using her spiritual weapon preventing the vampire regenerating. Ara and Kiero’s armour prevents the worst of the damage from the vampire’s claws as Tend’l despite dishing out a lot of damage soon succumbs to repeated attacks from the vampires.

Ara takes a moment during the fight to grab a lever and open the big door, releasing Sabine who ignores all of their struggles and moves to scare Matilda.

At this point a stalemate of trying to land blows between Ara and the female vampire finishes as the vampire gets some serious attacks through.

As Sabine grabs Matilda by the throat and starts laying into her, with Ethia still helping in bear form the fight between the rest starts to get very dangerous.

In the end though the party triumph, barely against the lesser vampires as Matilda breaks Sabine’s hold and tried to flee. Ethia tries to block her way and gives Sabine just enough time to catch up and snap Matilda’s neck.

The party heal Kiero and Tend’l (who’d both been unconscious) and have a conversation with Sabine learning of her past with the vampires. It seems that they’d been responsible for the death of her whole family in a fire they’d set while doing a job for Markon von Stromm. Sabine intends to kill von Stromm next.

The party state that they actually want to avoid him, but must head his way to destroy the Eye. Sabine is in favour of the destruction of the Eye and happy that von Stromm won’t be able to run away from her. After finding some Elven chainmail on Matilda’s body.

The party head up from the basement to the main floor of the ruined tower and there are no more vampires.

Mission accomplished.



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