The Second Eye

Episode 7

Death From Above

Ara staye, Naeris jouned

party hanging out in dragon , flying over high forste , zath tinkering in the neck.

tendi sees large flyin thing on horizon.

then 2 things
as kiero jumps up too, they see a third.

Then naeris notices a shape below, flying up and past, a hippogrif with goblin and hobgoblin on board.

  • Naris moonbeams a hippogriffs et rders
  • tendi shifts to ape , grappling hookls hg as it goes past an dclimbs aboard, it claws at him. Goblin jumpos down to wing to attack, HGob as well.

ethia tries the same but misses with grasping vine.

Other Hgriffs close slowly, arrow arcing from goblins into Tendi and kiero, arrows from Hgobs intto dragon

Zathras cals that fire breath may work. ehtia takes contriols in neck

Naris moonbeams a hippogriffs et rders

zathras swinfg arund and ethia liets of a fire breath that immolates a single griffons and riders.

AS battle rages goblins jump obver through , ethias belated fog cloud, and try to destroy the dragons mechanisms, nearis slams one with her mace and knocks the beak of another hippogriff as it claws and pecks at the dragon.

Tendi swings down below on a rope and manages to cath the HG captain unawares and cave his chest in .

goblinoids fall away left and right as ethia flies upside down but the dmage is done, the dragon mech starts to fall slowly from the sky. zathras casts fly on it to try to help it stay up

The final falling Hobgob manages to sink an arrow into tendi and he falls unconsoius.

Ehtia cassts healing word leaving the controls and naeris grabs them as they head in/.

Zathras casts feather fall on all but himself. and tendi wathes now slowing as the last hobgob hits the gorund.##

The dragon slowly aims over to a river parting the woods

Ethia eruupts earth in the path of the dragon to move some trees and clear the way as it goes in hard losing a leg and a bit of wing. as it crashes down and grinds to a halt.

Tendi is certain all their attackers were slain, but he catches a glimpse of eoething horse like in the trees.

The spend the ret of the day gathering up dragon bits to commence repairs, prioritising this over disgusing thecrash site

Towards the end of the day, after most of the dragon parts have bee rounded up, Kiero tells Ethia and Tendi that since Ara has left this task and they now have Naeris filling the role of Paladin, he no longer feels that this place is on this mission. Ethia is unable to persuade him to stay and he takes his leave heading into the dangerous woods alone, south towards the nearest town.

At dusk they hear the sound of drums beating in the surrounding woodland, coming closer…



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