The Second Eye

Episode 8

Conjuring a way forward.

Ara identifies the drums as a type of ritual Centaur music moments before a group of eight centaurs confront the party. The leader F_________ converses with them about how they came to be here. He deduces that since they were attacked by a gang of flying mercenary Hobs, and that a contingent of Drow has recently entered the forest from the south west, the group must be most wanted but also clearly capable. He offers them a favour to be granted by a local druid, Oscar. He tells them that Oscar might be able to speed their journey along using transport via plants, and he’ll arrange this if they will deal with a Goblin Wizard Conjurer who has taken residence in a nearby temple. The goblin has caused a number of issues and killed some of his kin. He says that the Drow are more than a day away from catching up but without his aid he doesn’t think the party’s chances of getting through this forest are very good.

At this point, Knobby manages to undo his hands binding him over the back of one of the centaurs, he falls but lands on his feet. F_________ tells the party that Knobby reneged on a deal with him and as penance will now undertake this task with them if they choose to continue.

The new party agree to the centaurs’ request and agree to meet F______ tomorrow morning to begin. They retire for the evening getting to know Knobby who it seems has already met Tendi previously.

Next morning the group follow F______ to a natural cave entrance. Heading inside they see burned skeletons of centaurs and other creatures. They spot glowing piles here and there but using pass without trace combined with a vine throw from Ethia to check for traps they’re able to continue unheeded. They find their way blocked by a massive spider web, which Ethia bypasses by turning into a giant spider and spending 10 mins cutting it back.

They continue on and reach a pair of solid wooden doors in a stone frame. There is no lock visible but by peering through a crack at the bottom and top of the doors they see a 30′×30′ octagonal room with a plinth in the middle and other doors opposite them. Light is visible from above and to the right.

After considerable hushed discussion and investigation, Knobby throws acid at the doors in the two places he’s figured out that the bars on the back of the door cross. The acid burns holes big enough that Knobby is able to reach through and quietly slide the bars out of the way.

Tendi stealthily heads inside and towards the light, he’s able to shift into an ape-like form and climb up 15ft to the balcony above. Meanwhile EthiaSpider heads up the door and towards the platform. The goblin figure bent over the desk up there sees neither of them.

Tendi attacks out of nowhere, smacking the wizard about the head as Knobby blasts away with Bad News knocking the wizard over out of sight of Naeris’ Javelin as Ethia spits a web down to restrain the wizard. As Tendi continues his attack Ethia bites down on the wizard injecting poison.

Meanwhile Knobby and Naeris unable to see their quarry anymore are left to deal with 5 magma mephits.

Tendi reaches down and pulls the top of the Goblin’s head off ending the main fight.

It take another minute for the folks down below to deal with the mephits but once they’re down the party are able to find a Mace of Destruction hidden in a box upstairs which had been taken from the central plinth. They also see a huge complex door that has been hidden behind plaster on one wall of the main room. It seems that the goblin had been working on a way to get it open.

The group decide that the danger of the approaching Drow is too great and head out to meet F______



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