The Second Eye

Episode 6
The trap is sprung.

As six sturges suddenly rain down from the ceiling, the party suffer a number of injuries but quickly destroy the beasts including a couple more hiding up in a corner.

They spend some time investigating the alter and find what looks to be the secret passageway entrance. They also find a draft coming from the alter itself and on further examination determine that it opens. Once open they hear a moan from down the now revealed stairs. The party decide to re-close the alter and consider leaving the dungeon to rest up and heal their many injuries.

Just then, they hear the sounds of a fight breaking out from down the passageway!

After checking that no one’s been this way in a while they move on through the tunnel and come out in a subterranean store room. They move North toward the noise and open a door onto three lesser vampires, 2 male, 1 female all injured to some degree. They’re next to a big heavy door and booming sounds of heavy blows echo from within! It seems the trap has already been sprung.

The party immediately engage the vampires with the exception of Ethia, who hears something behind them in the tunnel and turns into a bear to go and deal with a Ghoul which is sneaking up behind them having come up out of the alter and followed them.

After the Ghouls is dealt with Ethia surprises Matilda coming through from another room, scattering boxes over the whole store room and then jumping in her back, however she finds it difficult to do enough damage to counter Matilda’s natural regenerative abilities. Another lesser vampire also joins the fray.

The fight continues outside with Ara using her spiritual weapon preventing the vampire regenerating. Ara and Kiero’s armour prevents the worst of the damage from the vampire’s claws as Tend’l despite dishing out a lot of damage soon succumbs to repeated attacks from the vampires.

Ara takes a moment during the fight to grab a lever and open the big door, releasing Sabine who ignores all of their struggles and moves to scare Matilda.

At this point a stalemate of trying to land blows between Ara and the female vampire finishes as the vampire gets some serious attacks through.

As Sabine grabs Matilda by the throat and starts laying into her, with Ethia still helping in bear form the fight between the rest starts to get very dangerous.

In the end though the party triumph, barely against the lesser vampires as Matilda breaks Sabine’s hold and tried to flee. Ethia tries to block her way and gives Sabine just enough time to catch up and snap Matilda’s neck.

The party heal Kiero and Tend’l (who’d both been unconscious) and have a conversation with Sabine learning of her past with the vampires. It seems that they’d been responsible for the death of her whole family in a fire they’d set while doing a job for Markon von Stromm. Sabine intends to kill von Stromm next.

The party state that they actually want to avoid him, but must head his way to destroy the Eye. Sabine is in favour of the destruction of the Eye and happy that von Stromm won’t be able to run away from her. After finding some Elven chainmail on Matilda’s body.

The party head up from the basement to the main floor of the ruined tower and there are no more vampires.

Mission accomplished.

Episode 5
The Enemy Of My Enemy

After a couple of days flight they land the Dragon outside Provost, putting down in a bed of Razorvines.

They party cover dragon in Razorvines taking some injuries in the process and leave it with Zathras as they head into the village.

Quietly they explore and soon run into Nist, a Cleric of Tymora, he asks for help with a temple haunting. He also mentions that vampires have taken up residence in town. For more information he takes them to Vincent the elderly town master. Vincent tells them of 5 vampires, 1 female and 4 lesser vampire who seem to be waiting in the old wizard’s tower for something. Townsfolk have tried to repel them but have died in the attempt, Vincent thinks even the party might have trouble with this group of vampires. Vincent also reveals an underground passageway that links the wizard’s tower to the haunted temple.

The party agree to take on the temple, then the vampires. Vincent offers them some stakes.

They also deduce that Sabine is likely a Revenant.

They stay the night with Vincent and head into the temple at first light. On entering they explore a bedchamber finding nothing of interest, then spot a little boy who looks frightened.

Footsteps behind cause the boy to flee, and he tells them to come too, he knows a place to hide from the bad men. The party splits up a bit but all follow to some degree. Footsteps follow then down the passage, it’s hard to tell how many sets.

They see a ghost approaching and begin to fight, a second ghost comes out of the wall to their flank a few seconds later and possesses Tend’l. After the first ghost is finished off with a Moonbean from Ethia and a Smite from Keiro. Ara is meanwhile fighting with Tend’l. The others join in dropping him finally with a mace blow from Ara.

The ghost re-emerges and manages to down Keiro before it’s finally destroyed. They un-barricade the door to the store room and the little boy’s ghost thanks them then vanishes. Inside they find his remains, it looks like he way imprisoned in here and left to die.

The party take a moment to tend their wounds and then continue exploring, finding a silver dagger and some unidentified poison in another chamber.

They finally enter the main temple hall and as they move forward six Stirges descend on them from above hungry for their blood.

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Episode 4
Power Plays

The party see a hooded female figure with a white face and some old terrible burns coming past them toward the house of Faquilar, they allow her to pass but follow to protect him if needed. They then spot a vampire up on his roof, the mysterious figure goes toward it and the vampire flees. The party follow, up and down buildings for a while but quickly lose sight of them both.

Once again the party head out of town and at the gate they run into a Drow warrior and his aid next to their horses. They are demanding to see the Duchess and her Chief Magical Advisor (Farquilar) about a theft (the warrior has some diplomatic clout it seems). The party manage to sneak past them unobserved (using a clever trick with Ethia pretending to be a rat to cover what little noise they do make).

The gang strike out towards Tristra’s hideout in the woods but a big storm forces them to take shelter in an old temple along the way..

In the morning they find that they’re not alone, the same vampire they saw earlier has also come in seeking shelter from the dawn and has just hung a blanket over the window. She demands the eye and then attacks, a battle ensues with her and her two headed dog guardians, The party manage to eliminate them all after the window covering is removed and the vampire is held in the sun briefly. They finds latter to the vampire (Clarice) from Matilda speaking of a way to deal with Sabine at Provost, some sort of magical trap.

The party take some time to cover their tracks here – burying all the evidence of their presence and the fight.

Meanwhile the Drow have spoken to the Duchess and Farquilar and learned where the party was headed.

As they approach Tristra, Ara hears the gruff voice of the Drow warrior but he’s nowhere to be seen when they get to see Tristra’s camp site/home however Tristra seems a little off.

Eventually they encircle the tent and set it on fire, immediately a sword pierces Tristra and the Drow inside are exposed.

Tristra asks for the artefact a couple of times and then, not getting it she runs away.

The aide is attacked first, is ordered to go for backup by the warrior and makes it to his horse only to be felled by a guiding bolt from Ara.

As the fight develops, something seems odd about Tristra’s home Parts of her tent show signs of decay and vile potions.

The warrior gets to his horse charges out of the area and back in with lance extended but to no avail. He continues and flees as well, a guiding bolt and moonbeam are not quite enough to stop him from escaping.

An examination of the camp and the noted lack of Tristra in view suggest that she was actually a green hag who’s been fooling the locals. With her abilities at disguise and hiding in forests they would have a very difficult time finding her now.

The party decide to head back to their dragon and go to Provost. They move stealthily using “pass without a trace” and spot a roving party of 10 Drow (perhaps one of many such search parties) near Daggerford and not far from where they left the Dragon, they conjure a fog cloud carefully making it look natural. This allows them to board the Dragon and they escape trailing a foot along the ground long enough to be spotted by the Drow! Despite a few arrows bouncing off the Dragon’s armour, they get away without damage.

They head to off to Provost taking a route that would make following on land difficult.

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Episode 3
A wizard's request...

The party land and hide their Red Dragon outside Daggerford leaving it camouflaged with Zathras looking after it.

Once in Daggerford they ask around and visit the River Shining Tavern.

The proprietor Orotakor Ironbeard directs them to Faquilar Teracious. Ara and Ethia also notice a mysterious figure in the bar – a female Githzerai.

Faquilar Teracious enters the bar and the party are directed to him… After they buy him a drink, he is helpful but dismisses the eye as a mere myth.

His daughter Miaendra arrives and is concerned that her betrothed Eldaron hasn’t come back on time from an expedition to investigate some local trouble with people disappearing from the trade road.

The party agree to find him in return for the aid of Faquilar and they hire some horses and head out North onto the trade road.

On arriving near the right place they hear a scream and rush to investigate…

Master Ten-dl rushes ahead through some trees and finds a trench with a swamp in it containing 2 dead guards and Eldaron. The opposite cliff has three Harpies on it.

Kiero locks down one Harpy but it charms him back. Thus he and Ara are unable to contribute much in the ensuing melee as their ranged attacks keep missing due to the intense fighting below.

Ethia turns into a giant toad and ends up eating a Harpy whole whilst Ten-dl destroys another with staff/spear and feet despite taking some serious damage from it.

Eldaron is badly wounded during the fight but the party manage to distract the enemy and save his life. Kiero then restores his health fully.

The party return to Daggerford with Eldaron and a captured Harpy (who is dispatched at the gate by a guard).

Eldaron leads the party to his fiancĂ©’s home and they are reunited. Faquilar makes good on his promise. He tells them he has an old ranger friend named Benos who can help with a map and he knows of a knowledgeable Druid called Tristra who might know how to destroy the eye. He identifies the artifact as having great power and the container as being expensive and beautifully crafted by the Drow. The box is lead lined to try to prevent scrying. He’s frightened by this and asks the party to leave immediately.

They manage to convince Faquilar to lead them to Benos and ask for a map of the route to Heartsvale which he provides.

The party are now heading for the Druid lady Tristra who they’ve been warned to be wary of.

Ara notices a shadowy figure in the streets again, the Githzerai fron earlier.

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Episode 2
The Rescue

Early in the morning, Aku leaves the party to go and re-join the army. The party wake to the smell of bread baking and Diesa asks them down to breakfast. She wants details of the goings on to gossip with her friends about. They quiet her and decide to rescue Zathras by ambushing Thssokar and his lizardfolk as they coome to the meeting, which was set to be at The Tumbleton House later in the day. The als find a Monk called Master Ten-dl staying with Diesa, and they convince him to join their cause.

They locate a fisherman called Denzenai down by the bridge and he tells them the best way to find the lizardfolk settlement.. He also agrees to take them downriver in his boat (past a number of crocodiles). The party maintain stealth to a point but the boat is noticed by a couple of lizardfolk who disappear into the undergrowth and water.

The gang make land at the most obvious place where the water and land routes back to Shneedle intersect. They are soon accosted by a roving war party of lizardfolk seeming dispatched to find them, and their attempt at surprise is ruined by a lizardfolk who followed them in the water.

A fight commences…

  • Ten’dl catches a javelin and throws it back at his attacker!
  • Ethia casts moonbeam, grabs a lizardman in giant toad form and bites and beams him to death.

The party now lay a trap for the lizardfolk party they assume will be along later transporting Zathras. With much help from Ara, they construct a net and arrange for it to fall on several of the enemy. They lie in wait, ignoring a couple of lizardmen who come through ahead. Kiero also has to ignore a nest of lizards attempting to bite him as he squats in a bush. Ara triggers the trap at the right time, dropping the net on 2 lizard guards, though Thssokar eludes it.

During the fight…

  • Kiero in steaming armour swings his axe nonchalantly killing Thssokar.
  • Ara Guiding Bolts a hole in the final fleeing lizardman’s chest!

The party fly/swm back to Shneedle, warn Denzenai about the upset they’ve casued (and buy some fish). They then pack their gear and do some more repairs on their Red Dragon Mech.

They fly away after telling Old Mrs Tumbleton to warn the town guards about the potential lizardfolk threat. As they leave a sharp eyed Ethia spots several dark figures down at the Old Keep (at the place they found The Second Eye) and they seem to be looking for something.

The dragon flies off towards Daggerford unseen…

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Episode 1
The Heist

The party have wound up in a village Shneedle SE of Daggerford, near their previous dungeon encounter with the Lycanthropes. Their Red Dragon Mech had crashed in the fields around here and they’d have managed to secure lodgings ( The Tumbleton House) with a large old barn attached – Old Mrs Tumbleton. They smuggled the dragon in during the night and Zathras is working on it. Zathras is popular around town for doing odd jobs. They party’s reputation precedes them and they are welcome around the place. But jobs and money have been scarce to find of late.

Ara Dream Sequence…

A Unicorn representing the goddess Eldath (The quiet one) – Mother of Waters asks Ara to retrieve and destroy The Second Eye. She tells them to take The Second Eye from the Old Keep and journey with it to Heartsvale where its terrible power can be destroyed for good."

The Party are taking a drink in a local tavern called The Hungry Crocodile Inn. The barman is called Brian (a Dwarf ex Guard). Also present is a local Dwarf Fighter called Nodger (who is drunk).

A group of Lizards enter, led by a shaman called Thssokar. he makes the party an offer of 600GP if they’ll steal a case for him.

The party when haggling notice that Zathras is down the street being taken hostage by Lizardfolk.

They agree to the lizardfolks demands and are told of the Wagon coming to the Old Keep (recently rented by Drow) containing the case, and its likely route.

Our heros go straight to the keep to stake it out. They end up attacking the drow inside the keep before the wagon arrives, just managing to prevent them from warning the wagon off.

They conquer the guards at the keep and those inside the wagon including killing a Quaggoth pulling the wagon. A couple of Goblins also perish as they also attack the wagon and the party, trying to get a look in on the action as well.

The party spare a single drow who tells them that there are many parties after the eye as its being transported to Menzoberranzan and is temporarily vulnerable, especially a vampire who he believes has organised a hit by lizardfolk on a caravan to the north. This caravan was a secret, the other a diversion with many guards, this one with few.

The Second Eye can open any lock mechanical or magical. They suspect it must be “worn” to attune to its power.

They cleave the case with the eye from his arm and open it.

The party head to a local dwarf’s home, Diesa Torrun it backs onto their property. They need to get ready for the exchange!



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