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  • Faquilar Teracious

    Has a daughter called [[:miaendra-teracious | Miaendra]] She is soon to marry [[:eldaron | Eldaron]] Positively identifies [[The Second Eye | The Second Eye]] and that its container should be kept closed to prevent Scrying spells from seeking it. He …

  • Eldaron

    Betrothed to [[:miaendra-teracious | Miaendra Teracious]] Will soon have [[:faquilar | Faquilar Teracious]] as his father in law. He attempted to find out about (and prevent) a problem with people disappearing on the trade road, but was waylaid by …

  • Orotakor Ironbeard

    This wizened old dwarf has been around for a long time and is privy to all sorts of useful information. He runs the [[River Shining Tavern | River Shining Tavern]] in [[Daggerford | Daggerford]]

  • Benos

    A good friend of [[:faquilar | Faquilar Teracious]], Benos has quite a memory for maps and a talent for drawing them. He sells the party a map to [[Heartsvale | Heartsvale]] at short notice for 1GP.

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