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  • Old Mrs Tumbleton

    A kind old lady who keeps to herself, the party might surmise that due to the size of her home, she once had a larger family, these days she seems to make her money from renting out her property and looking after her tenants as if they were her own …

  • Diesa Torrun

    Having come originally from one of the smaller Dwarf Holds, she's lived many years in [[Shneedle | Shneedle]] and is quite the gossip. She likes nothing more than to share the latest news with the chainmailing circle. She's also a dab hand at cooking …

  • Brian

    He has a few scars as testament to his history as a guard in more than just this town. However it's clear from being in his jolly company for a few minutes that this is the life he's more suited for. He really doesn't need to employ a bouncer.

  • Nodger

    Not much is known about Nodger as he's been passed out drunk every time the party has met him.

  • Denzenai

    He seems to be curious about things, guarded and unhappy with the Authority that [[:kiero | Kiero]] represents. However he does help the party in rescuing their friend [[:zathras | Zathras]]

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