The Second Eye

Episode 4

Power Plays

The party see a hooded female figure with a white face and some old terrible burns coming past them toward the house of Faquilar, they allow her to pass but follow to protect him if needed. They then spot a vampire up on his roof, the mysterious figure goes toward it and the vampire flees. The party follow, up and down buildings for a while but quickly lose sight of them both.

Once again the party head out of town and at the gate they run into a Drow warrior and his aid next to their horses. They are demanding to see the Duchess and her Chief Magical Advisor (Farquilar) about a theft (the warrior has some diplomatic clout it seems). The party manage to sneak past them unobserved (using a clever trick with Ethia pretending to be a rat to cover what little noise they do make).

The gang strike out towards Tristra’s hideout in the woods but a big storm forces them to take shelter in an old temple along the way..

In the morning they find that they’re not alone, the same vampire they saw earlier has also come in seeking shelter from the dawn and has just hung a blanket over the window. She demands the eye and then attacks, a battle ensues with her and her two headed dog guardians, The party manage to eliminate them all after the window covering is removed and the vampire is held in the sun briefly. They finds latter to the vampire (Clarice) from Matilda speaking of a way to deal with Sabine at Provost, some sort of magical trap.

The party take some time to cover their tracks here – burying all the evidence of their presence and the fight.

Meanwhile the Drow have spoken to the Duchess and Farquilar and learned where the party was headed.

As they approach Tristra, Ara hears the gruff voice of the Drow warrior but he’s nowhere to be seen when they get to see Tristra’s camp site/home however Tristra seems a little off.

Eventually they encircle the tent and set it on fire, immediately a sword pierces Tristra and the Drow inside are exposed.

Tristra asks for the artefact a couple of times and then, not getting it she runs away.

The aide is attacked first, is ordered to go for backup by the warrior and makes it to his horse only to be felled by a guiding bolt from Ara.

As the fight develops, something seems odd about Tristra’s home Parts of her tent show signs of decay and vile potions.

The warrior gets to his horse charges out of the area and back in with lance extended but to no avail. He continues and flees as well, a guiding bolt and moonbeam are not quite enough to stop him from escaping.

An examination of the camp and the noted lack of Tristra in view suggest that she was actually a green hag who’s been fooling the locals. With her abilities at disguise and hiding in forests they would have a very difficult time finding her now.

The party decide to head back to their dragon and go to Provost. They move stealthily using “pass without a trace” and spot a roving party of 10 Drow (perhaps one of many such search parties) near Daggerford and not far from where they left the Dragon, they conjure a fog cloud carefully making it look natural. This allows them to board the Dragon and they escape trailing a foot along the ground long enough to be spotted by the Drow! Despite a few arrows bouncing off the Dragon’s armour, they get away without damage.

They head to off to Provost taking a route that would make following on land difficult.

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