The Second Eye

Episode 5

The Enemy Of My Enemy

After a couple of days flight they land the Dragon outside Provost, putting down in a bed of Razorvines.

They party cover dragon in Razorvines taking some injuries in the process and leave it with Zathras as they head into the village.

Quietly they explore and soon run into Nist, a Cleric of Tymora, he asks for help with a temple haunting. He also mentions that vampires have taken up residence in town. For more information he takes them to Vincent the elderly town master. Vincent tells them of 5 vampires, 1 female and 4 lesser vampire who seem to be waiting in the old wizard’s tower for something. Townsfolk have tried to repel them but have died in the attempt, Vincent thinks even the party might have trouble with this group of vampires. Vincent also reveals an underground passageway that links the wizard’s tower to the haunted temple.

The party agree to take on the temple, then the vampires. Vincent offers them some stakes.

They also deduce that Sabine is likely a Revenant.

They stay the night with Vincent and head into the temple at first light. On entering they explore a bedchamber finding nothing of interest, then spot a little boy who looks frightened.

Footsteps behind cause the boy to flee, and he tells them to come too, he knows a place to hide from the bad men. The party splits up a bit but all follow to some degree. Footsteps follow then down the passage, it’s hard to tell how many sets.

They see a ghost approaching and begin to fight, a second ghost comes out of the wall to their flank a few seconds later and possesses Tend’l. After the first ghost is finished off with a Moonbean from Ethia and a Smite from Keiro. Ara is meanwhile fighting with Tend’l. The others join in dropping him finally with a mace blow from Ara.

The ghost re-emerges and manages to down Keiro before it’s finally destroyed. They un-barricade the door to the store room and the little boy’s ghost thanks them then vanishes. Inside they find his remains, it looks like he way imprisoned in here and left to die.

The party take a moment to tend their wounds and then continue exploring, finding a silver dagger and some unidentified poison in another chamber.

They finally enter the main temple hall and as they move forward six Stirges descend on them from above hungry for their blood.

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