The Second Eye

Episode 1

The Heist

The party have wound up in a village Shneedle SE of Daggerford, near their previous dungeon encounter with the Lycanthropes. Their Red Dragon Mech had crashed in the fields around here and they’d have managed to secure lodgings ( The Tumbleton House) with a large old barn attached – Old Mrs Tumbleton. They smuggled the dragon in during the night and Zathras is working on it. Zathras is popular around town for doing odd jobs. They party’s reputation precedes them and they are welcome around the place. But jobs and money have been scarce to find of late.

Ara Dream Sequence…

A Unicorn representing the goddess Eldath (The quiet one) – Mother of Waters asks Ara to retrieve and destroy The Second Eye. She tells them to take The Second Eye from the Old Keep and journey with it to Heartsvale where its terrible power can be destroyed for good."

The Party are taking a drink in a local tavern called The Hungry Crocodile Inn. The barman is called Brian (a Dwarf ex Guard). Also present is a local Dwarf Fighter called Nodger (who is drunk).

A group of Lizards enter, led by a shaman called Thssokar. he makes the party an offer of 600GP if they’ll steal a case for him.

The party when haggling notice that Zathras is down the street being taken hostage by Lizardfolk.

They agree to the lizardfolks demands and are told of the Wagon coming to the Old Keep (recently rented by Drow) containing the case, and its likely route.

Our heros go straight to the keep to stake it out. They end up attacking the drow inside the keep before the wagon arrives, just managing to prevent them from warning the wagon off.

They conquer the guards at the keep and those inside the wagon including killing a Quaggoth pulling the wagon. A couple of Goblins also perish as they also attack the wagon and the party, trying to get a look in on the action as well.

The party spare a single drow who tells them that there are many parties after the eye as its being transported to Menzoberranzan and is temporarily vulnerable, especially a vampire who he believes has organised a hit by lizardfolk on a caravan to the north. This caravan was a secret, the other a diversion with many guards, this one with few.

The Second Eye can open any lock mechanical or magical. They suspect it must be “worn” to attune to its power.

They cleave the case with the eye from his arm and open it.

The party head to a local dwarf’s home, Diesa Torrun it backs onto their property. They need to get ready for the exchange!




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